Rose and Garden Water Services

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  1. Casey Biernacki

    Assistant Director
    Phone: (708) 246-1800, Ext. 276

Why does this Project need to be completed?

There are fifteen (15) homes on Rose and Garden Avenue, from 39th Street to the cul-de-sacs that receive potable water from a 4” rear yard water main. The 4” main was installed in 1964 and resides below garages, fencing, and other private structures. Maintenance on this water main is inaccessible for the Public Works Department.

What happens if the water main breaks?
A water main break would create a situation where these fifteen (15) properties would have limited to no water service for an extended period of time and require the Village to abandon the water main. In such a situation, these property owners would be financially responsible for the relocation of their own water services to the existing Rose and Garden water mains. Each property owner would have to hire a plumbing contractor to perform the installation of the new water service. The Village elected to proactively abandon the rear yard water main before a break occurs. 

How will the Project be funded?

Section 1 of Article VIII of the Illinois Constitution prohibits the use of public funds for an exclusively private improvement on private property, the installation of private water service lines. To facilitate this Project, each resident may sign a “Recapture Agreement” with the Village, which provides that the Village agrees to pay the Project Costs associated with the installation of the private water service lines and further agrees to waive Village permit fees and the $1,000.00 water main tap on fee in exchange for each property owner paying a “not to exceed” Reimbursement Fee that equates to a one-fifteenth (1/15th) share of the estimated cost of the private water service line work. Residents can also hire their own licensed and insured contractor to complete the work at their cost. 

​Additional Information

The PDFs below were distributed at the October 12,2017 meeting. 
Rose/Garden Water Services Project FAQ 11-3-17
Rose/Garden Water Services Project FAQ
Recapture Agreement - Option 2 Principal vs. Interest
Rose/Garden Survey Map

​Staying Informed

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