Flagg Creek Greenway


The proposed project is for the creation of the first stage of the Flagg Creek Greenway, a linear park commencing north of 47th street and winding southward to Flagg Creek’s confluence with the Des Plaines River in the southern reaches of the township.

This first stage of the project would consist of a bicycle/pedestrian path extending from north from 55th street to Plainfield road. The path would run west of Flagg Creek, crossing Birch Lane between the sound wall and the bridge. It would skirt the toll way cell tower site and contnue along the west side of Flagg Creek to terminate near Plainfield Road. 

 The Village received a Surface Transportation (STP) Grant in 2017 from the West Central Municipal Conference (WCMC). 

Comments and Feedback

Comments from the February 19, 2019 public meeting will be compiled by Village Staff and presented to the Properties & Recreation Committee for further consideration. Additional comments can be directed to Village Staff. 

For further discussion or questions pertaining to the project, please use the Village's Community Voice section of the Village website to post questions, comments or concerns regarding the project. 

February 19, 2019 Presentation

FCGW Presentation Image