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Posted on: April 11, 2017

O'Hare Fly Quiet Runway Rotation Program

AltTextThe Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) has announced that it will be conducting a 12 week O’Hare Fly Quiet Runway Rotation Program beginning on April 30,  2017. This is an approved program of the Federal Aviation Administration. The Fly Quiet Program encourages pilots and air traffic controllers to use designated nighttime preferential runways and flight tracks developed by the CDA. These routes are intended to direct aircraft over less populated areas, such as forest preserves, highways and industrial areas. The purpose of the test is to determine a fair allocation of runway use and air traffic configurations. The test will occur during the overnight hours when demand requires one arrival and one departure runway. 

During the weeks of May 7, June 4 and July 2, Route 22L, over the Village of Western Springs, may have an increase of air traffic. It should be noted that the planes will be taking off approximately one to two miles above the Village. It is difficult to predict if residents will notice an increase in the noise level. 

For the CDA’s O’Hare Fly Quiet Runway Rotation Test Project, go to

For general information about the O’Hare noise programs, go to

For general information about the Midway noise programs, go to

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